HKDPAA is a non-profit organization. The board of directors and officiers are volunteers with lofty ambitions and passions. Under the leadership of the Chairman, Roy Chun, the President, Sammy Lam and the Chief Director, Sunny Wong together with a team of  8 directors and 8 officers, HKDPAA is soon being recognised from the public and  has been supported by many peers and friends in the industry since 2018. With enthusiastic sponsorship from the society, we firmly believe that as long as we uphold a positive, rigorous and coporative attitude, and unleash the perseverance and motivation like  our dance performers, the development of the commercial dance industry in Hong Kong will surely be taken to the next level.

Any HKDPAA member (except those under 'Group Members' category), who has the same ambition and sense of mission as us, and who is not afraid of hardships and challenges, is welcome to apply for the position of director or officer. Applicant must be recommended by two directors and approved by at least three-quarters of the current board of directors. For those who are interested, don't hesitate and contact us now.